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February 18-22, 2019
13th International European Forum
(Igls-Form) (169th EAAE Seminar) on
System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

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The primary research focus of the group is on managerial, organizational, and political issues related to the production, processing, storage, transportation (logistics), distribution and sale of food.


This includes the many stakeholders that together constitute the food systems: (1) Enterprises, chains and networks in agribusiness, the food industry, logistics, and retail, (2) institutional infrastructures involved in market support, marketing, advisory and regulatory activities, (3) the regulatory and political environment, and (4) the social and cultural background.


Research deals with the provision of models and solutions for decision support and organization focusing on improvements in efficiency, sustainability, transparency, information, communication, cooperation


The range of models involves classical optimization and simulation but also models like environmental scanning and evidence-based reasoning, approaches that deal with situations which cannot be captured in single models but require to complement model competence with expert knowledge and business experience.


The overriding objective is to assure sustainability of enterprises and the global food system which intends to find a “best” balance between economic, social, and environmental concerns. Support could be provided through solutions for open innovation, network organization, tracking and tracing, information and communication systems for transparency or risk management, the utilization of cloud and network technologies for improvements in efficiency, flexibility or transparency, information markets, e-commerce, green logistics, waste management and processing, new information-backed marketing concepts such as “book and claim”, etc.


These initiatives are supported by the following initiatives:

  1. Membership in scientific organizations:
                    Agricultural Economics Association in Europe (EAAE) and Germany (GeWiSoLa)
                    Intern. Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA)
                    Information Technology Associations in Europe (EFITA) and Germany (GIL)
  2.  Organization of annual scientific “International Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks” (
  3. Engagement in European Technology Platform “Food for Life” (member of board and chair of working group on Food Chain Management)
  4. Engagement in “Bio-Innovation-Park Rhineland” (member of coordination board) where universities, communities, and industry cooperate for linking science with its use in reality. 
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