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February 18-22, 2019
13th International European Forum
(Igls-Form) (169th EAAE Seminar) on
System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

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Prof. Dr. oec. Gerhard Schiefer





Main research interests

  • Business and Chain Management
  • Organization
  • Information Management






Professional background

 MSc in Agricultural Economics (University of Hohenheim, 1970); PhD in economics (1974); 1979-1987 Associate Professor and Professor of Agricultural Economics and Operations Research, University of Kiel; 1987 Professor, University of Hohenheim; since 1990 Professor, University of Bonn, 2003 Courtesy Professor, University of Florida.


Research visits 

1977/78 Stanford University (Operations Research) and Harvard Business School; 1978/79 Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID); 1993/94 Stanford University (Food Research Institute); 2002/03 University of Florida (Food and Resource Economics); further extended research visits to universities in Sweden, Trinidad, Brazil, and the US.


Further activities

Founding member and member of board of agribusiness software company (since 1979); Director of non-profit research center “International Center for Management, Communication and Research” (since 1985); Chairman of German Association for Informatics in Agriculture (1989-91); Founding president “European Federation for IT in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (EFITA)” (1996-97); Establishment of system development enterprise (proquantis) for food chain and quality management support (since 2002); Initiation and coordination (since 2002) of “International Network for IT in Agriculture, Food and the environment (INFITA)” with members AFITA (Asia), EFITA (Europe), PanAfita (Americas), FAO, IAALD (global), CGIR (global); Founding director (2006-2011) and member of board of “International Center for Food Chain and Network Research (foodnetcenter)” of University of Bonn; Co-initiation and member of board European Technology Platform (ETP) “Food for Life”, chairman of its working group on Food Chain Management; Initiation and organizer (since 2007) of annual scientific “International (European) Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks (Igls-Forum)” in Igls-Innsbruck, Austria.



Editor, International Journal on Food System Dynamics (since 2010); Editor, Journal of Agricultural Informatics (1992-1996); Associate editor and member of the board of various international journals such as J. on Chain and Network Science, J. of Agricultural Informatics, International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Management and Informatics, Agricultural and Food Economics, and others.


Positions (after 2000)

Chair, professorship on Management, Organization and Information Management, University of Bonn, until 2013; Founding member International Center for Food and Network Research, University of Bonn, ongoing; Director, International Center for Management, Communication and Research (CentMa), ongoing; Director, proQuantis system development enterprise, ongoing.


Research focus

Strategic management issues around agribusiness, food industry, agri-food supply chains; sustainability; transparency; organization of enterprises, chains, networks, and sectors; information systems and technology; drivers and dynamics of change; emerging networks and chains dealing with new production technologies incl. biotechnologies, new organizational models, urban/vertical agriculture, or waste; food security and quality.


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